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Why Organic Food ?

The food we take is grown in the farms using chemical fertilizer and pesticides, which are potentially harmful to human and environment. where as Organic food is one which is grown in the farms, without using any of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. An organic farm is naturally fertile, maintains its own health with rich biological matter and is free from toxic chemical residues. Organic agriculture is thus an ecological production management system which promotes and enhances biodiversity and ecological harmony. Organic food assures top quality, freshness, flavor and texture and retains all the vitamins, minerals and the other nutrients intact.

Sristi Naturals ensures that the wholesomeness of its food products is retained through natural food production and hand processing techniques. Crops are grown organically without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  Sristi Naturals products do not use seeds that are hybrid or Genetically Modified. The products are hand processed using traditional time tested methods and do not require cold storage nor contain any synthetic preservatives.

Every Saturday we get fresh Organically grown vegetables and fruits. 

Contact  Satya Kodali on 9866647534 for details